Bensintrykk regulator FSE-Style 1:1.7

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With a standard control valve. the pressure in the fuel rail increases by 1 part of fuel for every part of air in the inlet manifold (a ratio of 1:1). With a FSE regulator the fuel pressure is increased by 1.7 parts of fuel for every part of air (a ratio of 1.7:1). Thus the maximising flow of fuel is achieved earlier in the rev band. Fuel pressure increases 1.7 times faster than the standard valve. The result is a quicker throttle response without those annoying flat spots you may have noticed because the engine?s demand for fuel is always satisfied. Acceleration is improved and the car becomes more responsive and more pleasurable to drive. At idle the settings are approximately the same as standard so changes to the CO2 levels are non-existent. The FSE regulator is adjustable to allow you to vary fuel pressure as a further performance enhancement.